– J.R. Dr. Perkins has always shown top-rate professionalism in every way, each time I have come in. I like him very much and the new office is amazing.
 – D.D. I just had my 2nd Botox treatment of my life and (the clinician’s) expertise and gentleness, style, and knowledge will keep me coming back – and the outcome is GREAT.
 – D.D. I went to two other establishments to check their menus and atmosphere. I’m so glad I decided to visit one more. I immediately felt welcome and I felt very cared for. A lovely place indeed. Thanks!
 – L.C. I’ve had Botox at several places around town in the last few years and have never been happy with the results. I came in about a year ago and was happy with the results. Last time I came in (6 months ago) I was especially pleased. I will ask for the same nurse again. Thanks! I’ll definitely spread the word.
– R.D. Dr. Perkins’ enthusiasm and personal warmth make it a pleasure to come in and also I can’t help but get excited about the skin rejuvenation. It’s like having a second chance in life to be attractive and feel confident about being a woman.